Sometimes, the Immortals, on the brink of the Obscure Madness, accept to enter into an Inner Pact with their Tormentors in order to put an end to the mental harassment they suffer every dusk. They then become Warwulfs. In exchange for this tranquility, the Warwulfs willingly accept the Grip their Tormentors inflict on them, according to the lunar cycle, when the moon is full and the influence of the Obscure Energy has reached its height. This phenomenon is called Alienation. The Tormentors wrathfully take possession of their Hosts and spread their anger, which has fed on years, if not centuries, of imprisonment and frustration. During the Alienation process, the Warwulfs’ body turns into a huge and dark Lycanthrope, an Obscure reflection of the Tormentors’ dark mind. With the years going by, the Warwulfs keep the physical stigmata of their repeated Alienations, which often gives them a beastly appearance.


The Warwulf hierarchy is mostly based on the strength of the Alienation of its members. If a dispute occurs about the control of a territory, two Warwulfs can confront each other on a full-moon night. This is the Holmgang. Their respective Tormentors are then released and vie to be the most enraged and fierce in order to establish their domination over the Host. The one showing the most complete Alienation usually emerges victorious from the fight. In this state of frenzy, the Warwulf can even burn up and kill his/her enemy if the latter refuses to give up the fight. Through the strength of his/her Alienation, the winner becomes the outright Jarl of the coveted Warwulf territory.


The Alienation can turn out to be dangerously exhilarating for the Walwulfs; so much so

that the latter sometimes merge their mind with that of their Tormentors deliberately, when the mind of the latter is released. The Inner Pact disperses supernaturally and both minds merge forever to become unalienable. In a state of permanent Alienation, the Warwulfs become Skölls, powerful Lycanthropes of the Obscure Plane, deprived of humanity. However, the Skölls instinctively know how to recognize the members of their Cabal and the authority of their Jarl, with whom they live trustfully. All the others try their best not to stand in the way of the Skölls and their preys…

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