During the terrifying Grip process, the victim goes into a long convulsive trance, showing the inner fight between the human mind of the Host and that of the Tormentor. The Grip is completed when the human mind is violently thrust out and supplanted by that of the Obscure Plane’s creature. This fusion between the mind of a dominant Tormentor and that of a dominated human being gives rise to a Vampyr.


Vitae is a primordial energy driving the mind of conscious beings. The Vampyrs’ main weakness is their need to consume their own Vitae perpetually since the Tormentors draw on this energy to extend their Grip on their Hosts. Deprived of their daily amount of Vitae, the Vampyrs progressively lose their powers and after a few days, the Tormentors’ weakened mind is irredeemably thrust away from the Hosts’ body. This phenomenon is called Disenchantment.

Besides, if the Vampyrs expose themselves to the Radiance’s daylight, they instantly consume all their Vitae and Disenchantment occurs immediately. The Tormentors which have suffered the wrath of Disenchantment go back to their former state: wandering creatures without any substance. Both traumatized and disillusioned, they often give up on their quest for new Hosts to join ad vita eternam the bosom of the 7 Primordial Tormentors. As for the disenchanted Hosts, they cannot get their mental health back and remain highly stigmatized, a sign of their degeneration. Many of them end up in asylums or commit suicide.

For the Vampyrs, the search for Vitae thus represents the fundamental quintessence of their

existence. Therefore, they very quickly master the Dark Arcana of the Flux which enable them, among other things, to drain Vitae from conscious beings, with no more than a distant gesture. The Vampyrs especially hunt the men they consider as the weakest Flux Bearers. When a Vampyr absorbs the Flux of a man, the latter progressively loses his vital force. As the victims feel their life being sucked up, they also feel the effects of an accelerated ageing and become asthenic. The most powerful Vampyrs have the ability to read their victims’ Vitae during this absorption process, and can therefore steal their most secret memories. This is also thanks to this regular amount of Vitae that the Vampyrs can keep the youth of their carnal envelop for centuries, even thousand years.

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