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Eons ago, a Rift was created between the Materiality, namely the world as we know it, and the Obscure Plane, a parallel plane of existence where the mighty Darkness, a tutelary entity, reigns supreme. From that Rift arose the Interworld, an esoteric passage between the two planes of existence, whose origin has not been explained yet. The Aegis Corporation ventured the scientific hypothesis that a point of convergence may have formed within a black hole’s singularity. Another theory, more cosmological and especially popular among the Brotherhood members, alludes to a fight between the Darkness and its nemesis Luxa, another superior entity from the plane of Radiance.

Obscure War Chapter 1 - 11/04/21


After a few weeks of existence, it seems that the Interworld has progressively vanished. The most ancient writings do not relate its existence precisely, let alone the circumstances of its disappearance. Around 1,500 B.C, in the middle of the Minoan Empire, the mention of a fantastic eruption on Santorini Island was found. That eruption, which blotted out both the sky and daylight for several weeks, gave rise to emanations coming from the Obscure Energy, which covered all the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and spread as far as Egypt. It is assumed that those emanations are actually evanescent fragments coming from the Darkness, at the root of the Obscure Plane’s Domains.

The proliferation of the Obscure Plane’s Domains plunged many kingdoms into the Long Night before they vanished as well. This phenomenon was all the more memorable that almost all the crops were destroyed, the lands poisoned for years and Crete’s ecosystem turned upside down for nearly half a century. Those gloomy times irredeemably fed men’s visceral fears of what they could not conceive and especially their irrational fear of the Obscure Energy and its mighty sibylline domains.

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