The oldest Immortals, those one can furtively catch sight of on the gloomiest nights, have always resisted the spell of the Obscure Madness; even if some of the marks of the Obscure Plane have ineluctably shaped their old-world silhouettes. Those Ancestors, although they remain very powerful due to their longevity, have therefore developed an acute form of paranoia. Their way of life is almost similar to that of the Vampyrs, seeking dark places and going out at nightfall only. Yet, thanks to their sagacity and their experience, they are natural leaders for all the Immortals involved in the Vendetta. Besides, they are the only ones capable of mastering the Obscure Plane’s powers well enough to appease, for a while at least, the inner evil which consumes the Howlers. That is the reason why most of the Howlers pledge allegiance to the Ancestors, the only Immortals capable of easing the Obscure Madness. The rare Obscure Plane’s Domains are also very sought-after by the Immortals, and more particularly by the Howlers, since they also have this appeasing virtue.


To all appearances, the Comitas are solitary travelers who wander from town to town, but

this is a ploy. They actually maintain a large network of snitches in order to serve the

schemes of their Vendetta. Their main mission is to watch and investigate, but they do not

hesitate to take action as soon as they locate the Obscure Evil, as they call it. The Comitas

have a reputation for being fearsome proponents of the Arcana of the Obscure Plane,

perfectly trained to face the most extreme situations.


The Limitas are the Ancestors’ dangerous weapons. They loyally ensure both the

surveillance and order on their elders’ territory. The unmentionable reason why they are so

close to their Ancestors is that they are considered as the most fragile minds, and therefore

the most inclined to enter into an inner Pact with their Tormentors and eventually

degenerate into Warwulfs. Thus, they are regularly submitted to the Constantinopolitan rite

of the Arinma, which can only be officiated by an Ancestor behind closed doors. This ritual

makes it possible to read both the Immortals’ and their Tormentors’ minds. Any vague

desire from the Immortals to enter into an inner Pact with their Tormentors would therefore

be revealed. The fallen Immortals are then denounced to the Ancestors’ Convent and



The three mightiest Ancestors live in Istanbul in the Basilica Cistern, a gigantic

subterranean cistern from the Byzantine Empire. There, are taken the most important

decisions about the Immortals and the Vendetta. This is also at the Basilica that the

heaviest sentences are ruled against the fallen Warwulfs, which are mercilessly given up to

the most delirious Howlers and their bloodthirsty madness.

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