Only a few humans, endowed with an iron will, surprisingly resisted the Tormentors’ Grip, despite the supernatural violence of the spell. When the Grip process is rejected this way, the Tormentors’ minds become the prisoners of the Hosts’. They are reduced to nothing but sour inner voices, condemned to echo in the victorious humans’ minds. Therefore, the latter naturally inherit the Arcana of the Obscure Plane which emanates from their Tormentors. Consequently, the pangs of time no longer have any effect on them, and from their beings then radiates a dark ancestral power. They become Immortals. Although they belong to the Obscure Plane’s creatures, the Immortals remain diurnal by nature and can resist the intense Radiance emanating from the Sun. However, they lose all their powers related to the Obscure Plane when they come face to face with daylight.


The Immortals’ Obscure legacy is also a sort of curse; as soon as nightfall, the captive

Tormentors harass their spiritual jailers. Their multiple sinister voices come and restlessly

whisper thousands of moans and supplications. The Immortals which cannot stand those

inner voices anymore eventually lose their mind and develop an Obscure Madness. This

disease materializes on their body, with the progressive appearance of dark supernatural

stigmata, such as strange evanescent tattoos, in perpetual motion. The more the Immortals

develop stigmata, the deeper their Obscure Madness is. Those who completely sink into the

Obscure Madness become Howlers, towering creatures filled with a deep neurosis, both

bestial and paranoiac, made with flesh and shadow.


Most of the Immortals rightly consider that the Vampyrs and the Specters are responsible

for the inner torments they have been experiencing every twilight for centuries. Each time

they get the chance to do it, they implacably hunt them down. They are no more merciful to

the Warwulfs that they consider as weak and defeated creatures. In order to wreak their

Vendetta, some of them do not hesitate to ally themselves with Technomancian Trackers

or even the most moderate Princeps.

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