Those who found their Host long before the others had more time to perfect their mastery of Reality combined with the Obscure Energy’s powers. That is why it is accepted that the older the Grip is, the more powerful the Vampyr is. Those bearing the mark of an ancient Grip are therefore those everyone fears and respects the most within the Vampyric Cabals. They are called the Voivodes. These very charismatic creatures, often surrounded by inferior Vampyrs, can be distinguished by their very dark and soulless eyes. Nobody can ever imagine the excruciating and never-ending pain of a captive human mind trapped in the abyssal depths of a Voivode’s mind.


Most of the Vampyrs were destroyed during the Darkpurge in the 16 th and 17 th centuries. Only the wisest ones, or a few powerful Voivodes, succeeded in running away from the strange powers of the Radiance, expressed by the Princeps of The Brotherhood. During this witch hunt which lasted over three centuries, some Vampyrs, which were restlessly hunted down, lost their mind. This madness went along with a kind of perversion in the way they mastered the Obscure Energy, which slyly distorted their physical appearance. As the centuries went by, they turned into irrational ape-like winged creatures. Called the Domovoï, these are fearsome predators, thirsty for Vitae, and the Voivodes are their only lords and masters.


Mestre Sigismond funded the Draculea Order in the 15 th century to extend the Vampyrs’ supremacy in Europe, which led the human beings to fight the Obscure Plane’s creatures and caused the Darkpurge. For centuries, this order taught the Tormentors, whose Grip was still young, the martial methods and mastery of the Vampyric Arcana. The most talented ones became Atentators, and the most cunning ones, Infiltrats. The Atentators are the Vampyric Cabals’ lethal weapons, trained for war and murder. As for the Infiltrats, they are amazing spies in charge of a large network of human contacts. Most of them completed the Grip late in life and fit in more easily in the human beings’ society since the human mind of their Hosts has not been totally inhibited.

The Draculea Order, located in Bucharest, has considerably limited its activity following the Darkpurge, but it still has influence over the Vampyric Cabals since its leaders remain the most dreaded Vampyrs. A Vampyric Cabal generally reigns supreme on a territory the size of a big city. In order to prevent any fratricidal conflicts, a non-aggression Vampyric Pact, the Consentire noctis, is traditionally observed although, even now, it is not unusual to see two rival Cabals confront each other about the control of a border Obscure Plane’s Domain.

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