For the following centuries, Merkur, and by extension S’Klov, the Tormentor, dedicated all his resources to the expansion of his power on the neighbouring fiefdoms. That was at the apogee of those conquest wars that he succeeded in defeating the mighty Vampyre Piroska. He then became one of the prominent lords of the Carpathians. But in his never-ending quest for power, Merkur was unable to limit himself to his victory over Piroska, he secretly locked her up in a cell and waited for the inevitable Disenchantment time. When Piroska’s mind was thrust away from her Host’s body, Merkur called upon a mighty Arcana of the Obscure Plane in order to lock the Tormentor living in Piroska’s body in his sword and thus enslave his enemy forever and ever.


Following his victory over Piroska, Merkur grew even more arrogant and inconsistent to the detriment of his watchfulness with regard to humans. From then on, the neighbouring villagers grew suspicious about him. That is how Heinrich Kramer, a Very High Princeps of the Brotherhood, got wind of his existence and used Summis Desiderantes Affectivus against him. Then, the Brotherhood relentlessly hunted him down, from the end of the 16 th Century to the middle of the 18 th . Eventually, Merkur narrowly escaped the Darkpurge when he hurriedly embarked on the ship of an English colony of separatists, actually a dissident sect of the Anglican Church which was heading to Europe. The journey was long and troublesome because he could not completely satisfied his needs for Vitae without arousing suspicion on board.


Merkur eventually settled down in the city of San Francisco in the middle of the 19 th century, following the prospectors during the gold rush. He was officially named Voivode of the Vampyric Cabal of San Francisco by the Draculea Order in 1905, in view of his reputation. Today, his Cabal includes three other Vampyrs who pledged allegiance to him. Merkur is reputed to be an authoritarian Voivode, in keeping with the ancient medieval lords, drove by a cold fury, who does not hesitate to use his mightiness openly to command respect. THE OBSCURE WAR

His territory has recently aroused envy among a Warwulf Cabal led by the implacable Jarl

Birka, newly arrived in town following the sudden apparition of an Obscure Plane’s Domain

in San Francisco, near the San Andreas Fault. Merkur, true to his intransigent temper,

immediately and openly declared war on those “insolent” Warwulfs.

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